Students in Grades 1 to 5 participate in a wide range of school activities:

  • Art: Students visit our Art room to work on arts & crafts, drawing and painting, cartooning and animation.
  • Computer: Students visit our fully equipped computer lab to work on Mathletics, Education City, Learn 360 in a teacher guided venue that supplements the classroom instruction. Teachers work closely to insure that every student reinforces classroom learning.
  • Gym: Classroom instruction is both indoor and outdoor in our large play area. Physical fitness is emphasized.
  • Library: Students regularly visit a full school library with the latest in school resources.
  • After school extra help classes are available.
  • A full range of services are provided by the NYC Dept of Education including resource room, speech, counseling, and academic intervention.
  • Pupil transportation is available through the NYC Dept of Education. For more information, contact the Office of Pupil Transportation.